About Genteract


Genteract was formed in 2016 with one simple mission: to make genetic information really useful to people.

Dr. Brody Holohan, our Chief Science Officer, developed the breakthrough unsupervised systems biology methods we use to accomplish this. Using those methods, Genteract is able to do a new kind of polygenomic analysis that finds all the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) which are relevant in a Gene-Environment interaction (GxE).

This lets us accurately predict things no one has been able to predict, and create real value for real people who want to improve specific things about their health.

Knowing things about ancestry is interesting. Knowing genetic disease carrier status is important. But we believe that one of the best uses for genetics is to give people information they can use in their daily lives.

The Genteract Team

Brody Holohan, PhD Co-Founder and CSO

Developed Genteract's New genetic analysis methodology

Raphael Laderman Co-Founder and President

Former President Nio Games
Former CTO, iSyndicate and others
Former Bio-researcher

Mark Holohan Director of Sales

Experienced Sales Director
Revenue Acceleration
Business Development


Biotech development,
Medical devices

Dr. Jerry W. Shay Advisor

The Southland Financial Corporation
Distinguished Chair in Geriatrics
UT Southwestern Cell Biology,
Telomeres, Aging and Cancer

Dr. Tim deMeyer Advisor

University of Ghent
Computational Biology,