About Us

Genteract’s core technology is a novel unsupervised machine learning methodology for identifying gene-environment interactions (GxEs), which allows us to perform functional interpretation of the human genome at a scale that was not previously possible.  

Understanding GxEs and developing techniques to both identify the locations in the genome responsible for these interactions and to predict response based on genomic information is the basis of precision medicine. 

Our vision is a future in which precision medicine is the norm, as a basic standard of care. 

Core Team

Brody Holohan, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO, CSO

Developed Genteract’s novel analysis methodologies. Published seven peer-reviewed papers, identified two new genetic disorders, and repurposed an existing cancer therapy for treatment through a new mechanism. 

Raphael Laderman

Co-Founder, COO

Former President Nio Games,, Former CTO, iSyndicate and others, Former Bio-researcher 

Linda Banks, MS

Lead Data Scientist

MS in Quantitative Biomedical Science from Dartmouth. Applied data science methods to accurately establish biologically and analytically correct predictions of anti-drug antibodies induced by biologic treatments for HIV. 

Matthew Likens


 Former CEO, Ulthera

Dr. Jerry W. Shay


Distinguished Chair in Geriatrics
UT Southwestern Cell Biology,
Telomeres, Aging and Cancer

Dr. Tim deMeyer


University of Ghent, Computational Biology, Genomics